Our eye doctors at Primary Vision Care in Wilmington, Newark, Lancaster, and Mount Vernon, know how to best approach the diagnosis and treatment of computer vision syndrome and help our valued patients recover quickly. Our unique approach allows us to empower patients to make changes that will prevent this type of eye strain in the future. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best quality of care for digital eye strain and other complicating factors.

Diagnosis of Computer Vision Syndrome
Our eye doctors in Mount Vernon, Wilmington, Lancaster, and Newark look for symptoms commonly linked to digital eye strain to determine if patients are suffering from this condition.

Common computer vision syndrome symptoms include:

  • Head, neck and shoulder pain
  • Moderate to severe eyestrain
  • Blurry vision
  • Dry, scratchy eyes

Upon identifying any computer vision syndrome symptoms in your list of complaints, our Lancaster, Wilmington, Newark, and Mount Vernon eye doctors can assess your risk for this eye health condition and make a positive diagnosis.

Treatment Options for Computer Vision Syndrome
With a diagnosis of computer vision syndrome, you will need to work with your eye doctor at PVC to find the best treatments for your situation.

  • Special Eyeglasses for Computer Work – Your PVC eye doctor can help you acquire special corrective lenses that reduce the glare of computer screens and dramatically reduce associated eyestrain. The lenses may have a different corrective power than you are used to or simply have a different tint or coating to reduce glare.
  • Vision Therapy Treatments – If you suffer from severe vision blurriness or focusing issues, your PVC eye doctor may suggest vision therapy to correct those issues. The therapy process helps your eyes and brain coordinate together to return your visual acuity to normal levels. You will need to complete a series of eye training exercises at home and in office to make a full recovery from computer vision syndrome.
  • Computer Use Alterations – You may also need to adjust the way you use your computers at work and at home to reduce this syndrome from worsening or recurring. Your eye doctor will suggest changes you can make to the location of your computer screen and lighting in that room. By making key adjustments, you can reduce the strain on your eyes and recover from computer vision syndrome.

Contact Your Eye Doctor at PVC in Ohio to Discuss Computer Vision Treatment

If you want to discuss the development of computer vision syndrome symptoms, contact your eye doctor at Primary Vision Care today. At your appointment, you will receive a full examination and evaluation that will help your eye doctor diagnosis and treat this prevalent type of eye strain.