Importance of Scheduling Regular Eye and Vision Exams

Our doctors at Primary Vision Care are always available to perform timely eye and vision exams to help you stay healthy and retain your visual acuity. Your eye doctor will use the yearly eye examination time to evaluate the health of your eyes and detect medical conditions as they are developing. The vision exam process allows your eye doctor in Newark to evaluate your ability to see small objects from across the room.

Early Disease Diagnosis
Early detection of developing eye diseases gives you the best chance at making a quick and complete recovery. Your eye doctor will closely examine the structures in your eyes to check for abnormalities that indicate an issue is developing. If any abnormalities exist, your eye doctor will look at your medical history and potentially perform other diagnostic tests to make an accurate diagnosis and find suitable treatment options.

Vision Evaluation and Correction
The vision evaluation process allows your eye doctor to determine just how well you can read small letters from a static point. During the examination you will be asked to read rows of letters to the best of your ability while sitting in the eye exam chair. Your doctor will perform the test with and without vision corrective lenses to determine if you are in need of prescription contacts or eyeglasses.

If your PVC optometrist determines you need prescription lenses, you will be able to discuss your options and find the best lens type for your needs. You can even acquire both contacts and eyeglasses to use at your discretion during personal and professional activities.

Baseline Readings
Even if you are not suffering from developing eye health conditions or in need of prescription lenses, the eye and vision exams allow your Primary Vision Care doctor in Ohio to establish a baseline reading. The baseline allows your eye doctor to evaluate the progression of your eye health and visual acuity. You will need to come in yearly to create a clear picture of the overall health of your eyes and ability to see clearly from across the exam room.

Scheduling an Appointment with Your Eye Doctor Primary Vision Care in Ohio
If you are ready to schedule an eye exam with your local PVC eye doctor, contact the Primary Vision Care appointment to find the best time and date for you. You will be able to quickly complete the eye and vision exam process in to determine if you are in need of additional medical care or prescription lenses.