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Unrivaled Patient Care Experience


Patient Care Experience

UPCE is the goal the staff at PVC strive for with each patient who enters our offices. UPCE is an acronym we started when we began our business in 1995. It stands for "Unrivaled Patient Care Experience", and it is how we believe each patient who enters our doors should be treated.

You have probably heard of the Starbuck’s Experience; it is a proven philosophy of taking something simple: a basic trip to get coffee and making it a special experience. Hopefully, we all have once felt a “WOW” moment when we perhaps checked into a hotel or had an amazing waiter at a simple lunch; and the experience changed your day and your mood from an okay one to a great moment. A level of care where you are so surprised, you share it with someone because it is unexpected. And it’s our goal: we practice to the highest optometric level and utilize the latest diagnostic equipment with top-notch service and a little fun along the way.

The Latest


From little touches to the large unseen ones;

We Aim to treat you
like family

We always remember the kids
because eyeglasses may not always "feel" like fun


We know sometimes a little snack is

Just What is Needed...

And we know all doctors appointments are much better


And don't think we aren't serious about it;


We are excited to see you
and hope we can give you a
UPC experience!

Our Mission Statement

We at Primary Vision Care are committed to:

Providing the highest standard of health care with personalized service and quality products in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

Improving the quality of life and overall health through education, prevention, and early detection.

Inspiring confidence by utilizing state of the art technology and continually educating ourselves.

Maintaining an environment of nurturing and cooperation among our professional team.

​​​​​​​Establishing a lasting relationship with you, your family, and this community, which we serve.

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