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Choosing Your Optometrist: Finding a Qualified Eye Doctor

It is a misconception that deteriorating vision comes with age. Yet, as smartphones and other digital devices become more prevalent, people of all ages are developing eyestrain and other vision issues. Ignoring these problems can result in more problems down the road. It is best to do your homework and consider different variables.

Pediatric Eye Exams: Know What to Expect

Your child's first eye exam is probably at their general pediatrician. Pediatricians conduct a simple vision screening on your child while they are still infants. They assess for any specific developmental challenges with simple diagnostic techniques and tools. However, this screening is not a substitute for a comprehensive pediatric eye exam. 

Eye Exams vs. In-school Vision Screenings

Eye exams are crucial for determining the patient's eye or vision health. Besides checking the vision, a comprehensive exam can help detect signs of eye diseases. Vision screenings are regular tests that help determine whether the child has a vision problem.

What Does Diabetic Eye Damage Look Like?   

People with diabetes often develop diabetic eye damage. The American Diabetes Association recommends seeing an eye doctor for regular eye checkups, especially if you have this condition. Doing so can help you manage the symptoms of diabetic eye damage. Here are the details you should consider if you want to know what this condition is like.

What Is a Fundus Camera?

A comprehensive eye exam involves several tests, including fundus photography. Eye doctors perform this test to catch eye conditions early before they harm a patient’s health. 

Diopsys® NOVA™ ERG and VEP Vision Testing System

Vision tests are part of ensuring you have optimal eye health. Sometimes, you may go for a vision test and still find that you continue to struggle with the same issues. There is a need to improve the accuracy of these tests. ERG and VEP testing take vision testing to the next level.

AdaptDx Pro® by MacuLogix®

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of permanent and severe vision loss for people over 60 years. It worsens over time and happens when the macula in your retina wears down. Your retina is a light-sensitive nerve tissue at the back of your eye. Age-related macular degeneration or AMD gets its name from how it affects people in old age.

How to Know If Your Child Has Eye Problems

Many eye disorders and diseases are unique to kids. Most of the common ones are alignment and focus problems. Diagnosing and treating these issues through a comprehensive eye exam is essential. It helps uncover issues that may be affecting your child's school performance, physical development, and overall health. Early detection of these issues ensures effective and timely treatment. It also results in optimal brain and eye development.

How To Pick The Perfect Pair of Eyewear

Picking the perfect pair of eyewear is essential, not only to give you the best possible vision, but also to make sure that they are comfortable and that you feel confident when wearing them. So, how do you pick the perfect pair of eyewear. Here are our five top tips.

Causes of Night Blindness

Night blindness is also known as nyctalopia, a vision impairment that makes it difficult for individuals to see in dimly lit places or at night. Night blindness is not a disease but an indication of an existing condition in the body.

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