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Henry Family Owned Business

Dr. Henry and Natalie have 4 children. They are very proud of the outstanding, kind, and intelligent people they created. Each child has been a part of the practice and truly make this a family-run company.

Nathanael who is 21 and ready to graduate from Kenyon College first started working at PVC around 7 and was proud to come to work with his Dad. He started by opening mail and cleaning the frame boards, but mostly enjoyed break time. Now he assists in technology and each summer seals the parking lot and helps to paint buildings.

Maddie is a sophomore at the University of Dayton studying pre-med and has helped her Dad with community service and serving the vision needs of people who can't afford vision care. Maddie has experienced working at the office as a technician and might be working you up when you come in each summer or on holidays.

Abram who is just 15 continues to work at the Vineyard Church Community Center as an Optometric Assistant with his Dad and loves chatting with the patients. He also works at the office but doesn't love his duties which include: shredding, carrying big boxes to trash, and anything else the team needs from him.

​​​​​​​Libby is the youngest and at 13 she loves GLASSES and she has an eye for creativity and design. Libby loves trying on glasses and being an eye model. She's made some fun videos and loves photographing the offices. She is happy to dive in and do whatever is asked of her when she is at the office.

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