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Certainly, you have heard of the Starbuck’s Experience; it is their proven philosophy of taking something simple: a basic trip to get coffee trip, checking into a hotel, a lunch at Bob Evans, or a visit to your local optometrist, and turning it into an experience where you leave feeling blown away by the quality of care you received. It is a level of care where you are so surprised, you share it with someone because it blows you away; it changes your day and your mood.

We have all some time or other felt this kind of experience. This is our mission. We aim to make certain every patient, every person who comes here, leaves feeling blown away and awed by the experience they had while in our office. This will not only help our practice grow, but it will improve our quality of work and our lives.

This experience utilizes certain key factors and every patient must feel both:

  • Education

  • WOW, factor!

We have started to employ both ideas and we will continue with our changes until we reach our goal. First, education does not mean teaching our patients about eye care only. It is educating patients about the host of things we offer that makes us stand above other practices to arrive at UPCE. This starts at our outside physical location, from our sign and parking and continues into our front doors – it is physical, it is subtle, it is also thru sharing the hospitalities we offer from coffee to crayons, it includes our employees level of sincerity, our quality of care, our attention to details; it includes reassuring and explaining to every patient the required forms and being authentic in reading them. It’s about being real. It is about teaching glaucoma through state of the art photos and EyeImaginations programs.

It means educating every patient about our little services to important medical matters all in a sincere, state of the art way.

From this moment on, UPCE needs to be part of your daily thoughts at Primary Vision Care. Remember it -- and with each patient, aim to pass it on to them. If you think of our office as a constant party, with each patient as the guest of honor, you will succeed. Your smile, your words, your whole attitude should represent how you would want your mother or child to be cared for.

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