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Amy Albright

Amy Albright, L.D.O. SP/CL

Chief Operations Officer

In 2017, Primary Vision Care appointed Amy Albright as Chief Operations Officer. Her responsibilities include daily business operation, facilitating company activities in sales, marketing, and support, executing our business strategy, ensuring consistent, operational excellence and ensuring that we provide quality care for our patients company-wide. In addition, Amy leads enterprise risk management for Primary Vision Care, working across the company to identify, assess and actively manage enterprise risks.

Beginning in 2013, when Amy joined the Primary Vision Care family, prior to acquiring this position, she served as the lead optician in Newark, then as a lead optician for the company and most recently as the general manager over all locations. Since her arrival, and through these transitional positions, she has been and continues to be, an integral and driving force behind the growth and expansion of the Primary Vision Care brand.

​​​​​​​Prior to her time with PVC, Amy had rallied varied teams at Sears, LensCrafters, and Wal-Mart to ascend to high levels of distinction within districts, regions and national standings.

Natalie Henry

Natalie Henry

Brand Director Owner

Natalie Henry manages the Primary Vision Care brand, making sure all of our offices work toward the high standards she and Dr. Henry first believed in when they started this company in 1997. She manages many day to day tasks but constantly strives to provide insight through the “eyes of the patient”. With their 4 children, she has had her share of days at doctor's offices and is keenly aware of the “mom-life” and works hard to make sure our practice treats patients the way she wishes she had felt many times. Natalie developed the look of each office, started our Welcome Bar, designed our reception areas and has helped to create our bags and dispense appointments with a special touch to help each patient know how much we appreciate them. Each of our offices has an area for kids, along with goodies for them as well.

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Front Desk

Our hardworking front desk team has a goal to make sure you are greeted warmly and cared for from the moment you enter our office to the moment you leave. We hire warm, happy, and intelligent front desk people because we are grateful you and your family trust us with your vision needs, and we believe in caring for our patients as we care for our own family. Our front desk will help you with your insurance forms, getting a warm cup of coffee and a treat, and anything else so you and your family have a great experience.


Opticians at Primary Vision Care are among the best you will find in this area. They continually strive to further educate themselves, and most all of the individuals you meet are state licensed, or in training to receive that licensure in the very near future. Our optical team is full of happy, warm people who enjoy finding the perfect glasses for you. They know glasses are the jewelry item or “eye candy” as its often called. And our team knows the first thing someone notices are the eyes, and they work to make sure your glasses make the best impression. They are trained on the latest and most important information on blue light, antireflective coatings, computer vision glasses for the young and old and polarized sunwear, among the many. In addition, they are trained to select the unique frame and lens style specific to each individual patient. They can even pre-select pairs based on your face shape and history of preferences. They are happy to work with your insurance and share your costs upfront. And after you have finished, our opticians look forward to the day your glasses arrive and when they can fit them on you and see your smile.


Our friendly technicians will be your first point of contact at the beginning of your examination. They will check your visual acuity, take your health history and run a few automated tests on you such as the autorefractor, intraocular pressure, and visual field screening If you have health issues that relate to your eyes such as diabetes, high blood pressure or migraines the technicians often will perform additional testing to maintain the most thorough standard of care that has come to be expected at Primary Vision Care.

Our team of optometric technicians work very hard to provide our doctors with all pertinent information about your health to facilitate you receiving the highest quality eye care possible. They truly are an integral part of providing patients an Unrivaled Patient Care Experience.

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