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Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

People spend most of their time in front of screens. Adults spend their time working on computers and using their phones and tablets. The younger generation also enjoys spending their time in front of televisions and phones. 

Too much screen time contributes to physiological and musculoskeletal issues. The blue light emanating from the screens and devices can affect your eye health. Blue light is everywhere, from screens, sun rays, and fluorescent lighting. The sun contains all colors of light, which emit different energy levels. 

Blue light has more energy and shorter wavelengths. You can get blue light exposure from the sun. However, too much screen time gives you excessive exposure that can affect your eye health. Consider wearing blue light glasses to combat the effects that the light causes. Here are the benefits of wearing them.


Less Eyestrain

Staring at your screen for long hours can lead to muscle and eyestrain. You are likely to feel stressed. Glasses with a blue light filter reduce eyestrain by enhancing your focus. As a result, your eyes become less tired, and your productivity improves. 


Better Quality of Sleep

Too much digital exposure can negatively affect your sleep quality. High energy frequency from blue light increases your alertness. Your body can delay in releasing melatonin that induces sleep.

Blue light glasses enable you to use digital devices before bed, and you can still have a good sleep pattern. The glasses help reduce the impact of blue light.


Reduced Risk of Eye Conditions

Your eye lens and cornea are essential for blocking harmful ultraviolet light from getting to your cornea. However, they cannot hinder blue light from reaching the back part of your eye. A damaged retina increases the risk of macular degeneration development. As a result, you can become blind.

Blue light can increase your risk of developing severe eye conditions, as it can penetrate your retina. Wearing eye protection can prevent the risk of eye diseases such as developing cataracts or macular degeneration.


Improves Blurred Vision

Looking at digital screens for a long time can cause fatigue to your eye muscles. As a result, you can experience blurred vision. If you have other vision problems, your vision clarity can worsen from too much screen time. Wearing blue light glasses serves as protective eyewear that promotes eye health.


Keeps Your Eyes Moist

Digital screen users tend to stare intently at screens without blinking. Gamers blink less as they do not want to miss a minute. Too much staring with less blinking causes dry eyes. The blue light emanating from the screens intensifies the dry eye experience.

The symptoms of dry eyes are:

  • Watery eyes, like your body, respond to dry eye irritation.
  • Light sensitivity.
  • Eye redness.
  • Stringy mucus around and inside your eyes.
  • Difficulty driving at night.
  • Discomfort wearing contact lenses.
  • Tingling sensation in your eyes.

Keeping your eyes moist may require more than using artificial tears. Regular wearing of blue light glasses helps reduce dry eyes and their symptoms.

Blue light glasses may not work for everyone, but they can reduce potential eye damage from prolonged exposure to blue light. They protect your eyes whenever you need to use your digital devices.

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