How Are Exams for Contact Lenses Different?

Many patients are curious about how exams for contact lenses and eyeglasses differ. In some ways, the exams are the same. The comprehensive eye examination is something that everyone needs, whether they wear contacts or glasses. In fact, even people who have perfect vision need a comprehensive eye exam every year to monitor their eye health.

A comprehensive eye exam includes checking for glaucoma, checking the pressure in the eyes, and evaluating vision through a series of tests. It is routine to also have your eyes dilated to check for eye problems. After the comprehensive eye exam, our eye doctor in Wilmington, Lancaster, Newark, or Mount Vernon can provide you with an eyeglass prescription. If you need a contact lens prescription, you’ll need further examination.

How Your Eye Doctor at Primary Vision Care Evaluates You for Contact Lenses
You’ll wear your current contact lenses during part of the contact lens exam so our eye doctor in Newark, Lancaster, Wilmington, and Mt. Vernon can check for visual acuity and vision changes since your last visit. If you’re new to contact lenses, the exam will start with a measurement of your eye’s surface. This information can be used to select the right type of contact lenses.

In some cases, our eye doctor may perform a tear film evaluation. This test may be necessary for patients who suffer from chronic dry eyes, as it can determine whether you produce sufficient tear film to wear contact lenses.

Our eye doctor can discuss all the options in contact lenses with you to help you decide which will work best. There are daily wear lenses that you throw away after each use, lenses that you wear for two weeks and then dispose of, and lenses that you wear for a month and then dispose of. There are also conventional contacts that you can wear for as long as a year. No matter which type of contacts you choose, it’s important to closely follow all guidelines from the eye doctor and remove the lenses each night and make sure that you keep them clean using contact lens solutions.

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