Phil Ruppel

Accountant and Systems Analyst
With over 20 years of public accounting experience, Phil advises company finances and maintains financial operations for Wilmington, Mount Vernon, Newark and Lancaster so we can better serve our patients and our community. Phil is a Certified Public Accountant and a graduate from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Originally from Wisconsin, Phil now resides in Reynoldsburg with his wife and their two dogs, Maple and Abby.

Amy Albright

Chief Operations Officer
In 2017, Primary Vision Care appointed Amy Albright as Chief Operations Officer. Her responsibilities include daily business operation, facilitating company activities in sales, marketing and support, executing our business strategy, ensuring consistent, operational excellence and ensuring that we provide quality care for our patients company-wide. In addition, Amy leads enterprise risk management for Primary Vision Care, working across the company to identify, assess and actively manage enterprise risks.

Beginning in 2013, when Amy joined the Primary Vision Care family, prior to acquiring this position, she served as the lead optician in Newark, then as lead optician for the company and most recently as the general manager over all locations. Since her arrival, and through these transitional positions, she has been, and continues to be, an integral and driving force behind the growth and expansion of the Primary Vision Care brand.

Prior to her time with PVC, Amy had rallied varied teams at Sears, LensCrafters and Wal-Mart to ascend to high levels of distinction within districts, regions and national standings.