Pediatric Eye Exams at Primary Vision Care

Children have the great joy of seeing and experiencing so many things for the first time — but their ability to take in all those sights can run into serious obstacles if their vision isn’t up to par. Visual development proceeds at a rapid pace during the first years of life, but functional problems, refractive errors or eye diseases can greatly hinder this development. We highly recommend having your children’s eyes examined prior to starting kindergarten. Fortunately, our team at Primary Vision Care offers pediatric exams from children ages 5 and up.

Challenges to Children’s Vision
No one is born seeing perfectly. Newborn infants have not yet learned how to coordinate their eyes with the vision center of the brain for proper image resolution. These skills must be learned. Once your child’s vision comes into focus, he can hone his sense of distance, balance, depth perception, and hand-to-eye coordination — all critical skills for a safe, healthy childhood. Unfortunately, a variety of problems can knock this development off track. These pediatric vision challenges include:

  • Strabismus – An improper eye alignment that blurs vision
  • Ptosis – A drooping of the eyelid that can interfere with eyesight
  • Refractive errors – Nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) – A condition in which the brain chooses one eye’s input over the other’s, often triggered by refractive errors, strabismus or other issues in the “bad” eye
  • Eye diseases – Congenital cataracts, juvenile glaucoma, ocular tumors and other diseases

As your child grows from a toddler into a student, barriers to normal eyesight become even more troubling. Your child may suffer from eye strain, struggle with schoolwork, experience ongoing coordination problems, and face unnecessary safety risks.

What to Expect From Our Pediatric Exams
Our optometrists at Primary Vision Care, Dr. Hammond, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Gliniecki or Dr. Annon, can provide your child with the comprehensive eye and vision evaluations they need at this critical time of life. We perform the first of these exams at the age of 5 when your child is old enough to interact with us verbally.

Our optometrist can check the interior and exterior of the eye for any signs of diseases that may require treatment. Functional tests evaluate how well your child’s eyes are working, both as a team and individually, to track and focus on objects. A procedure called the cover test can tell us whether your child suffers from amblyopia, which can resolve by treating the underlying cause. We can even administer vision tests to pre-literate kids by using eye charts that feature shapes instead of letters. Annual eye exams are the best way to ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy and that any corrective lens prescription is still accurate. We recommend having these exams annually prior to starting kindergarten.

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