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Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

People spend most of their time in front of screens. Adults spend their time working on computers and using their phones and tablets. The younger generation also enjoys spending their time in front of televisions and phones. 

Dry Eyes: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

The eyes contain tears that help provide moisture and lubrication, keeping the eyes comfortable. Tears are composed of water for the moisture, oils to allow lubrication, and mucus to allow even spreading. 

How Can I Prevent My Dry Eye Symptoms?

Dry eye condition occurs when the tears fail to provide the required lubrication for the eyes. There are different reasons why tears can be unstable or inadequate. When eyes fail to produce enough tears or if the tears produced are of poor quality, it causes dry eye. The tear instability causes damage or inflammation to the eye surface.

How Does Diabetes Affect the Eyes?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 34.2 million people in the United States have diabetes. You may develop this chronic disease if your pancreas doesn't produce a sufficient amount of, or any, insulin. This leads to an excess of glucose in your blood. Glucose is a simple sugar that serves as a major metabolic source of energy. Over time, you may suffer from health problems if you have too much sugar in your blood. Some of its long-term complications are heart disease, stroke, and kidney issues. But did you know that diabetes can also affect your eyes?

How Often Should Adults Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

By definition, an eye exam is a series of comprehensive tests that aim to check for eye conditions and evaluate your overall vision. Your optometrist usually uses several medical instruments to achieve this goal. He or she might require you to look through a range of lenses and/or shine bright lights at your eyes. Every time you go to your eye doctor, your overall eye health will be comprehensively evaluated. But how often should you get this exam? Here are a few answers.

How Your Diet Affects Your Eye Health

Scientific evidence shows that a healthy diet can prevent certain eye conditions. But the link between diet and eye health is not as strong as it is for other health conditions such as heart disease.

What Age Should You Get Your First Eye Exam?

An eye exam is a sequence of tests done to assess an individual’s vision while looking for eye diseases. The exam takes at least an hour. The doctor will perform several tests such as a glaucoma test, a refraction test, and a visual acuity test to check the overall health of the eyes. An eye exam is important, especially for infants and small children.

Choosing the Right Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

Do you have trouble finding the best eyeglasses for your face shape? People who wear eyeglasses change their eyewear every two to three years. Normally, the face structure and shape tend to change as people age. When it is time to get new glasses, they want to make sure they choose the right frames for their face shapes. 

Top Spring Allergy Tips for Healthy Eyes

During the allergy season in spring, many people struggle with eye allergies. The allergies make your eyes burn, feel itchy, turn red and watery, and cause your eyelids to swell. While these allergies can harm the quality of your life, they are usually curable.

The Importance of Sports Eye Safety

Sports provide numerous benefits, such as building strength, improving fitness, team bonding, and building confidence. However, engaging in sports can also lead to serious injuries, which is where mouth guards, pads, and helmets come in handy. But what about protecting your eyes?

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